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The Tactical Analysis Course

Learning what it takes to get left of bang is about prevention...

Keeping our country, cities, clients, and families safe requires that we prevent violence instead of just reacting to it. Improving situational awareness has traditionally required simply spending more and more time in the field, but not anymore.

The course teaches you how to identify people with a violent intent, establish baselines for any situation, assess the four pillars of observable behavior, and help you make informed decisions.

Here is what some of our students have learned:

Recognize Threats

Improving situational awareness requires more than sitting with your back against a wall, knowing where the exits are, and not keeping your face buried in your phone.

Relying on yourself to stay safe and prevent violence requires a level of informed awareness, but people often ask, "where do I begin?"

Learn how to recognize attackers

Communicate behavior

When you can't articulate your observations in an objective way, people might question your intentions.

Explaining to people what you observed used to be hard, but the four pillars of observable behavior build a common vocabulary to discuss those around you.

Learn how to explain what you see

Establish your process

Making better decisions can be accomplished by spending time on the job, but it is not the only way.

Having a process and specific observations to focus on allows you to practice and improve deliberately and intentionally.

Deepen your skills and capability