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The Practice Section

Helping you make behavioral analysis and observation the natural way you operate

Video Exercises & Exclusive Content

Learning new skills requires practice. Assuming we can master a new capability without repetition and without development often leads to over-confidence and under-performance.

The Practice Section is where you can get spend the time mastering the mechanics to establishing baselines, building expertise in behavioral assessments, and put everything together in a growing list of exercises.

Why the Practice Section Exists...

This subscription section to The CP Journal's Academy was built for people looking to develop themselves and pursue mastery. Here is what some of our members have gotten out of their time spent training with us:

Self-Guided Learning

"Learn by doing" and determine what skills you need to develop today.

Break domain dependence and apply skills in any situation

Practice at your own pace

Learn more about how to take control of your training and education

Develop What You've Learned

Practice what was taught in Left of Bang and in the Tactical Analysis Program

Expand your file folders for each type of observed behavior

Develop comfort with processes and mechanics of establishing baselines

Learn more about how to take your course knowledge to a more practical level

Improve Decision Making

Make better decisions and improve judgement

Develop "soft skills" the same way you would other more-tangible abilities

Make enhanced situational awareness a habit

Learn more about accelerating the decision cycle

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