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Tactical Analysis Course Description

Using the principles and behaviors written about in Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps' Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life, this course teaches you how to make better decisions by establishing baselines, identifying anomalies, and reading human behavior.

The Basic Course

Selected Lessons Include:

The Overarching B+A=D observation process

How to assess individual people

How to assess people approaching you

How to develop intuition and observation skills

Course Details:

Approximately 8 hours of instruction

Downloadable Student Handout

Lifetime Access

Cost: $125.00

The Advanced Course

Selected Lessons Include:

How to assess the collective mood

How to assess the environment

How to conduct hasty and deliberate searches to establish the baseline

How to conduct a red team analysis

Course Details:

Approximately 16 hours of instruction (Includes Tactical Analysis Basic Course)

Downloadable Student Handout

Lifetime Access

Cost: $275.00

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