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The steps to becoming a pro

Excelling in your field as a protector, warrior or guardian, and improving essential skills like situational awareness, judgement and decision-making are often left to tacit and unstructured development.

Without a process, professionals are left

without the ability to practice their observation and decision-making as deliberately as they do with their other tools.

hoping that each experience leads to a lesson learned and that they can learn fast enough to survive.

making decisions more slowly because each interaction is processed as a new and novel scenario.

We don't minimize life experience

But we also know that it isn't the only way to put in the time to excel in your field, hone your craft, and pursue mastery.

Here is how you do it

1. Define behavior using the pillars. The four pillars of observable behavior eliminate the pain of relying on inconsistent sources of sizing up a situation.

2. Practice putting the information together. A comprehensive and coherent baseline built using the hasty and deliberate search lets you determine what is normal, not normal, and what you will do with the information.

3. Drill each observation and process. Like driving a car, making the baselining process and behavioral assessments a natural and intuitive part of the way you operate requires practice and repetition.

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