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Learn how to recognize threats

Many of our students are in professions where they put their life at risk each and every day and we hear their concerns about why they want to be capable of recognizing attackers and criminals proactively on their own.

Members of the military are getting ready to deploy overseas and hunt for the enemies who are targeting them.

Police officers are protecting our streets are facing the threat of ambush and responding to dangerous calls in the community.

Security professionals are protecting clients and infrastructure while focused on workplace violence, terrorism, and stalking.

Those looking to protect themselves and their family while on vacation, at the mall, or at school.

What's your reason?

Do you want to be better than “knowing a threat when you see it” and have the ability to ensure your safety in any situation you face? Do you ask yourself whether there is more to situational awareness than sitting with your back to a wall, knowing where the exits are, and keeping your head on a swivel?

Here is how you do it

1. Know who you’re looking for. Threat recognition begins by being able to define who you’re searching your surroundings for.

2. Know what you’re looking for. Learning what factors are important help to distinguish between the “signal” and the “noise.”

3. Know how to search your surroundings. Having a process is what lets you search for threats every time you enter a new area.

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