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Learn On Your Terms

Classroom and lecture-based learning doesn’t work for everyone. Many students prefer to take charge or their learning by choosing much time to spend on a topic, what order to learn the concepts in and decide when they are ready to move forward.


When programs don’t offer that option, students risk:

  • Moving on to a new topic before they have truly learned it

  • Have questions that remain unanswered

  • Have a weak understanding of foundational skills

  • Spend too long or not enough time on a topic

With improvements in technology, this does not have to be the case any longer. By designing a training option for the self-guided learner, the power is in your hands to choose how, when and for how long you learn each day in order to ensure you’re focused on the lessons that you need.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Learn the “rules” that determine proficiency in the skill and build the foundation of knowledge.

  2. Practice the rules and concepts that are taught and receive feedback to improve your proficiency

  3. Assess your proficiency in performing each foundational skill in various conditions and correct deficiencies until you are able to perform them without supervision.

  4. Have access to the full list of topics to be learned, so that you can choose the path to navigate at your own pace.

The Practice Section

  • Exercises (with new ones added regularly) where you can practice each behavioral assessment and receive feedback about your performance.

  • A “Textbook” for each concept and component that need to be learned, practiced and mastered to move along the path to proficiency and to get left of bang.

  • Application based exercises to ensure you can perform the task in real-world scenarios.

The result is that you have the power to choose what you learn on any given day, when you learn it and how you want to progress through the skills required to read behavior and get left of bang.

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