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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I view a free sample?

Yes.  You can view our Practice Section sample exercises by clicking here.

Why are you charging a subscription?

Because developing your ability to read behavior and get left of bang requires continual practice before it can become intuitive. By charging a subscription, we ensure that our students are people who are willing and committed to putting in that effort week after week in order to excel in their field.

Are there any discounts available?

Yes, if you have completed one of our online courses, click on the “Final Notes” module at the end of the course for information about receiving a discounted rate.

How often are exercises added?

New practice exercises are added twice per week with other articles and videos added periodically.  

What are the exercises like?

There are three types of exercises:

  • Observation: Exercises that focus on one or more of the fourteen behavioral assessments that make up the four pillars of observable behavior.
  • Process: Exercises that focus on the baselining process, including the hasty search and the deliberate search.
  • Case Studies: Exercises that examine a real world example of behavior analysis in action.

To view sample exercises, take a look at our demo page here.

How are the Practice Exercises different than the Tactical Analysis Course?

The Tactical Analysis course that we offer is a 16-hour lecture-based course that teaches people how to read behavior and get left of bang in the most structured and guided way possible.

The Practice Exercises are individual observational exercises designed with two goals in mind:

  • For people who have gone through the Tactical Analysis Course, the exercises serve as a way to develop and hone the process and the observations taught in the program until you reach a point of proficiency.
  • The Practice Exercises allow for self-directed learning and a more interactive way to learn the behaviors and the baselining processes needed to get left of bang.

Choosing between the two options, or both, is a choice that should be made based on your training needs, your goals and your preferred learning style.

Is there a special rate for groups?

Yes.  We continue to partner with groups, large and small, to bring our Practice Exercises to entire teams.  For more information on group access and pricing please e-mail us at:  

Is there an affiliate program?

There isn’t. We’re hoping that if the Practice Exercises are helpful for you as you learn you read behavior and enhance your situational awareness that you’ll happily spread the word to your friends and colleagues.