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Take Your Training To The Next Level

The most requested featured that we hear from readers of Left of Bang and students who have completed the Tactical Analysis Course is for more opportunities to develop their ability to read behavior and recognize threats. More videos, more pictures and more repetitions.  More opportunities to develop deep file folders.


With more practice and development opportunities

You can make behavioral analysis and the observation of people a habit.

See more displays of each type of behavior, allowing you to make recognitions faster and more accurately.

Establishing baselines more quickly by practicing the processes in the safety of your home.

Reading behavior is like any other perishable skill

If you don't use it, you lose it. Before the development of the Practice Section, students, readers, and practitioners were left to identify opportunities on their own and self-assess their ability.  Those days are gone.

Here is how you do it

1. Establish a trigger to remind yourself to practice.

Do something that cues you in to observe a specific behavior or process, in the safety of your home or office, which will help you carry transition the ability from the classroom to the real world.

2. Practice assessing a single behavior repetitively. 

With each repetition, identifying the cluster of behavior observed using different parts of the body will become more natural and intuitive.

3. Take the behavioral observation to a public area and search for it.

The goal is to be able to ensure you can apply your mental trigger and make the recognitions in the real world and in your life.

4. Repeat the search and the observations the assessments as many times as needed

With additional practice to build comfort with the processes to establish baselines, less attention will need to dedicated to the mechanics of searching for threats, letting you get back to your purpose for being in the area.

Intentional practice is the key

to seamlessly integrating the left of bang process into your life and attaining a state of informed awareness.

The CP Journal's Practice Section Is Designed To

- Provide you opportunities to practice assessing each of the four pillars of behavior and each baselining process with feedback in the safety of your home or office.

- Provide you with ways to apply the exercises from that exercise in a real life event on your own.

- Provide you with the chance to form the habit of observation.