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The Tactical Analysis Advanced Program

The Tactical Analysis Advanced Course provides instruction that is focused on the process to establish a baseline for the areas and people you interact with everyday.  Using three of the four pillars of observable behavior, this course empowers students to understand how to define what is normal for any situation or environment.  This crucial step in the threat recognition process is what allows professionals to generate a clearly defined set of behaviors that will cause adversaries to stand out from the crowd they hide amongst.

The Advanced Course is designed to get professionals further and further left of bang.  After students learn how to establish a baseline for the areas they operate in, we show how to look at these areas through the eyes of the adversary to find additional pre-event indicators while building four baseline templates that can be applied in any setting.

The Advanced Course costs $275 and provides students with lifetime access to over is 16-hours of classes (8-hours of Level 1 classes and 8-hours of Level 2 classes), with case studies, real life videos and scenarios. Students also receive access to our Mission Planner tool that facilities the collection and rapid dissemination of the baselines you establish.

Have you already gone through the Level 1 and Basic Course content?  If so, open the “End of Course Evaluation” module in your Level 1 program to purchase the “Advanced Course Add-On” for your program.

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