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Tactical Analysis: Police Course

There is an expectation that police officers have the ability to proactively recognize threats and ensure public safety.  By teaching how to establish baselines, recognize anomalies and read human behavior, the Tactical Analysis program focuses on preventing the officer-ambush and the justification of actions taken by objectively describing what was observed.

To learn about the differences between the Basic and Advanced Courses,

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Package Selection Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy the Basic Course now, can I upgrade to the Advanced Course later?

Answer: Yes. Once you complete the Basic Course, there will be the option to purchase the Advanced Course from within the Basic Course pages.

Does the cost of the Advanced Course change if I buy it now or buy it later?

Answer: No.  Whether you buy the Basic and Advanced courses together here, or buy the Advanced Course once you have completed the Basic Course, the prices are exactly the same.

If I have already purchased the Basic Course, where can I upgrade with JUST the advanced course?

Answer: You can find the option to “Take the Advanced Course” on the “Final Notes” page of your Basic Course.