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Tactical Behavioral Analysis

The Tactical Analysis ® Program has a very simple and straightforward goal – to make you better at recognizing threats and preventing violent events from ever taking place.  Built from the Marine Corps Combat Hunter program and written about in Left of Bangour training programs are designed using real life situations and videos chosen specifically to improve your performance. 



These courses are designed to make Marines and Soldiers more survivable and more effective by teaching them how to assess the human terrain. This Tactical Analysis program is tailored to the unique demands of the environments where our military operates around the world.  These classes focus on terrorism, insurgencies and insider attacks. 



These courses focus on developing a police officer’s ability to proactively recognize threats by rapidly establishing baselines and identifying criminals hiding within the crowd. This Tactical Analysis program focuses on preventing ambushes and the justification of actions taken using a terminology based on scientific and objective assessments. 



These courses teach security professionals how to read the uncontrollable and universal elements of behavior to proactively identify threats. By focusing on prevention, this Tactical Analysis program teaches protectors to recognize pre-event indicators with a focus on reducing the risk of active shooter, assassination and workplace violence incidents. 



These classes teach educators how to make the observations needed to ensure a safe and secure learning environment. This application of the Tactical Analysis program provides a noninvasive and repeatable process to recognize those with violent intent. The early identification of anomalous behavior is a critical step in the pursuit of violence prevention. 

Not sure which program is right for you?

Here is how we tailor our courses to each audience.

 Training Packages

Basic Program


The Level 1 Course

1. The Observation Process

2. How To Assess Individuals

3. Assessing Those Approaching

4. The Decision Principle

5. Recognition Primed Decision Making




Advanced Program


The Level 1 + Level 2 Courses

1. Assessing The Collective

2. Assessing The Environment

3. Hasty & Deliberate Searches

4. Red Team Analysis

5. Mental Simulations



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